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Message from Willow Class

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back and hope you all had a lovely Easter break. Willow Class is going to start this Term by going on a ‘Wild African Adventure’ in search of animals, jungles, African music and dance. Our topic will link to most of our subject areas to help our children to build up a sensory picture of our African topic.

Literacy – To learn about Jungle life through story, we are visiting ‘The Jungle Book’ as our focus. Through sensory and auditory activities, the children will learn about the story of Mowgli, the Mancub. We will be using some of the Disney songs such as ‘The Bare Necessities’ and ‘I wanna be like you’ to cue the children in to certain parts of the story, so please feel free to listen to these at home as well.

Numeracy – Our focus this term is big and small, which we will link to animals through number & drama games using appropriate props. The children will also experience cause and effect ICT through the use of eye gaze and wireless sensory switches. Becoming familiar with the concept of anticipation will flow throughout all our activities on a daily basis. Later on in the term, we will be covering time and capacity in connection with our ‘Shopaholics’ topic.

Topic- The first part of the term will revolve around our ‘Wild African Adventure’ in which the children will access Africa on a very sensory level. Using paint and printing to create colourful displays of the African landscape, the children will be encouraged to use their hands and feet to explore different media as independently as possible. In Sensology, the children will be able to use all of their senses to explore African spices, fruits and vegetables in addition to a variety of textures and materials. Music will be a prime focus in which the children can experience listening to a selection of African music and explore the instruments related to these e.g. drums, rainmakers, casabas etc.

MOVE/Dance – As always, Willow class will be teaming up with their friends in Maple class to participate in some fun sessions focussing on Dance for the first part of the term. MOVE will continue as a weekly session also, as well as Hydro and Rebound Therapy. We will also be using the sensory swing to activate the sound beam to produce some wonderful African music.

Class Dojo- We will be inviting you all to join in with our class Dojo (a communication system which can be accessed through an app on your phone). This means we can send you photos, videos or texts on a daily basis, or whenever appropriate, straight from the classroom. We are trialling this at the moment, so please respond positively if you feel this is something which you would like to participate in.

As always, thank you for your continued support,

Gillian & the Willow Class Team.