Register of Interests

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Name Category of Governor Term of Office Expires Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interest Other Educational Establishments Governed Material Relationships (With Staff or Governors)
Andrew Feeley Executive Headteacher of The Orchards Federation 31.08.2018 None None None
Laurence Williamson Co-Opted 20.02.2017 None None None
Martin Rostron Co-Opted 28.02.2017 Bolton Mencap Charity (Trustee) None None
Champak Mistry Co-Opted 28.02.2017 Jem Publications Ltd (Director)Bolton Hindu’s Age Inspiration (Director) Minerva Photographics Ltd (Director) Mistry Bros (Owner) None None
Holly Bonfield Chair of Governors 20.06.2020 Holly Bonfield Consulting LTD (Owner)Manchester Meditation Network (Coordinator) Federation of Small Businesses (Regional Vice Chair) Manchester a Certain Future (Director) None None
Shelley Ashton Co-Opted Debenhams (Operation Manager) CDKLSUK Charity (Trustee) None None
Frank Iddon Co-Opted 28.02.2017 None None Delyth Iddon – Daughter (TA)
Ann Martin Co-Opted 28.02.2017 None None None
Leanne Carr Co-Opted 28.02.2017 None None None
Kayleigh Orrell Co-Opted 16.05.2021
Tracey McHugh Co-Opted 11.07.2021
Deana Woodfin Co-Opted 11.07.2021
Mary Fraser Associate Member None None None
Sharon Unsworth Associate Member None None None
Dave Colbourn Associate Member None None None
Gillian Charnock Associate Member 12.02.2018 None None None