Progress report 2015-16

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Progress report 2015-16

The vast majority of pupils in Green Fold are working well below the level identified within the national curriculum.  At Green Fold we carefully track progress over time to ensure the pupils are making expected progress.

The chart below identifies progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.

2016 Year 6 P Levels Achieved compared to progression guidance 2010 figures

*Students joining school mid Key Stage

Overview (progress year 2-6 linked to national progression guidance)

  • 100% of pupils achieved listening target with 55% achieving outstanding progress
  • 100% of pupils achieved speaking target with 33% achieving outstanding progress
  • 83% of pupils achieved reading target with 41% achieving outstanding progress. 17% of pupils achieved below nation expectation v 75% of pupils achieved writing target with 33% achieving outstanding progress. 25% achieved below expected level of progress v 83% of pupils achieved expected to progress with 42% achieving outstanding progress. 17% achieved below expected progress.


The 17% of pupils not achieving expected progress is in fact 2 pupils.

Child 1 had significant period of absence linked to complex medical needs hence limited progress – 45% in year 6

Child 2 has acute ASD and is extremely sensory defensive and struggles to access learning. Hence results in writing and number.

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