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Message from Pear Class

Literacy: Within literacy, during this half term we will be focusing on the story ‘The day the crayon quit’ and ‘a squash and a squeeze’. The story of the day the crayons quit links in well with colours and feelings. Each child has been accessing a feelings ALD page every morning to tell the class how they are feeling today. During each literacy lesson, children are provided with opportunities to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, each pupil also has ILP targets linked to their EHCP.

Numeracy: This half term we are focusing on addition/ subtraction and problem solving. Children are provided with opportunities to develop their understanding within these areas through exploration and focused 1:1 work.

Topic: Our topic this half term is ‘Winter Wonderland’. We have been exploring a winter wonderland by looking at polar animals, winter weather, people in the cold, cold countries and winter sports. Next half term the topic is “Great designs and inventions”, this will be a fantastic opportunity for children to explore inventions old and new.

PE: This half term we are continuing Rugby. Each week the children will have a different focus within their sessions. The children are thoroughly enjoying accessing the different equipment. The children also have access to a hydrotherapy slot each week. In class we are also practising our yoga skills, which we really enjoy.

Food Technology: Each half term the children are provided with a new skill in which they work on each food tech session. We enjoy selecting our ingredients and have made lots of tasty things already!

We will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and Pancake Tuesday. For our RE theme day we will be all about weddings.

We have got a very busy term in Pear class this Spring term, we also have a teaching student Lorna in class with us. From Edge Hill University.