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Message from Orange Class

In Orange Class this half term, we will continue to work hard with our Literacy and Numeracy skills. We will have weekly PE, Art, Music and Food Tech sessions and continue to focus on encouraging communication and life skills throughout our daily routine.


Our topic this half term is ‘Shopaholics’. We will visit shops in our local area and find out what you can buy in different shops – Fruit & Vegetables, Clothes, Toys, Chips, Sweets, etc. We will be focusing on exploring and using the items found in different shops for different purposes.


In Literacy, we will be reading stories about Oliver and his adventures to different shops. We will be focusing on sequencing the events of the stories. We will also be learning about making shopping lists and following them with support. We will continue to work on communication skills and fine motor activities on a daily basis.


In Numeracy, we will be continuing to concentrate on our basic number skills as well as focusing on ‘Money’. We plan to take some walks to the shops to learn more about money exchange and coin recognition. Later in the half term, we will be learning about Problem Solving and Data Handling.