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Maple Class Curriculum

An African Adventure


Our writing this term will be based on African Animals. The children will be searching for animals in class, in the playground and using technology. Once we have named the wild and wonderful creatures we will be using our communication systems to name them and discuss where they live.

A selection of African themed stories have been chosen to share and develop the children’s interest in the topic as well as encourage their love of books. Phonics work will continue for all children as they are exposed to the shapes and sounds of letters. Where needed the children are continuing to use various alternative pencils and alphabet boards to support their ability to spell.


This topic lends itself to counting animals and learning some new number rhymes. The children will be encouraged to use their communication systems to tell us how many animals they can see and explore adapted technology to explore counting independently.

Furthering our exploration of size the children will be exploring African animals and fruits of different sizes and using Aided Language boards and their communication systems we will be encouraging them to identify Big and Small.


Our main areas of learning this term are Geography, Art and PSHE. The children will be enjoying a variety of learning challenges such as Where is Africa? What do African People Eat?

The Arts focus is on drums and we are looking forward to using the sound beams and their drums sounds.

We will continue to use our exciting topics to encourage and support the children to use their individual communication systems, modelling their use throughout the day and supporting any attempts to express themselves.