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Green Fold School Curriculum

Our curriculum at Green Fold School has been devised from extensive research and analysing best practice in other outstanding special schools. The basis of the curriculum is to provide an approach to teaching and learning so that each child has a chance to reach their potential. All pupils at Green Fold have the right to a modified curriculum to allow them to have an educational diet that accurately meets their needs. This is achieved by planning work that closely links to the child’s education health care plan.

Pupils learning styles are also carefully considered. We strive to develop stimulating learning environments outside the confines of the classroom, promoting learning through positive outdoor experiences and play.

Green Fold has two sites the lower site houses pupils Nursery to Year 2 these children are all working from the Early Years key goals and expectations. These goals are broken into smaller steps and are recorded in individual pupil journals.

The upper site building has pupils from year 1 – 6. The vast majority of these pupils are still working below National Curriculum levels, so the school uses PIVATS assessments which are measured at P Levels to track progress. Learning can follow four different pathways:

  • Pre-formal (PMLD) – a curriculum which is specifically designed to meet their needs in connecting and responding, making the best use of a wide range of sensory experiences.
  • Semi-Formal (SLD) – a highly stimulating Curriculum promoting life skills
  • Formal (SLD++) – an adapted National Curriculum emphasising life skills- including partnership work with Federation partner Cherry Tree Primary School.
  • ASD – A structured daily routine and clear personalised educational programme support pupils in these classrooms to ensure learning and pupil well-being Curriculum content is adapted to meet the needs of specific pupils who have been identified as needing.

Curriculum content is planned on a thematic approach on a three-yearly cycle where all areas of the curriculum are covered. Discrete lessons in specific core areas will also be provided to ensure appropriate curriculum coverage.