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Message from Cherry Class

Literacy: Our class story this half term is ‘The Three Little Pigs’, children are benefitting from a sensory story alongside using props and aided language support to enhance communication. During literacy lessons we will be working hard on individual ILP targets and especially focusing on our fine motor control and using a writing tool. We will also be looking at improving our reading skills, by holding a book the correct way up, turning the pages independently and some of us will eventual sequence stories.

Numeracy: In our numeracy lessons, we will be focussing on problem solving. Again we will be working hard on our individual ILP targets but will be focusing our lessons on problem solving, for example complete inset puzzles, jigsaws and 3D shape puzzles. We will also be sorting with a given criteria and learning to find objects/items which are kept in familiar places.

Topic: This term, our topic will be ‘Tell Me a Story’. During ‘Tell Me a Story’; we will be looking at different types of social stories and using this to learn about different situations such as crossing the road or sharing with friends. We have already focused on getting dressed independently, placing our coat where it belongs and putting our shoes and socks on when given the opportunity.

PE: This half term we will be participating in gymnastic sessions. We have already been trying our best to balance on equipment if different widths and jump from apparatus with minimal support. We have also been very privileged to continue our rugby sessions with a rugby instructor which the children have loved!

Food technology: During our cookery lessons, we will be working on a variety of skills linked to phonics. We will be exploring various foods that start with our letter of the week.

We are looking forward to an exciting term. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or via the school diary.

Kind regards,

Terrill Longworth (class teacher)